Custom Wonder Twins with Gleek 3 3/4″ DC Universe Action Figures – Created Jan 7th, 2013

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The Wonder Twins were made using only parts from the DC Infinite Heroes figures, so they would blend in with the other figures. Zan was made with from a Weather Wizard figure, while Jayna was made using the body of Star Sapphire and the head from Raven. Those particular bodies were chosen, because they had high collars and kept me from having to sculpt them. I did have to sculpt some on them though. I sculpted Zan’s and Jayna’s hair and even gave them their trademark Elf ears. I also sculpted their belts using a combination of Aves Apoxie Sculpt and polystyrene.

After that, I painted them both up using a violet color for their suits and a dark purple for the boots, with the yellow accenting on the boot tops and belt buckles. I had to repaint the heads too, of course. It was tough getting their eyebrows and eyelashes painted on, but it came out looking good. Their insignias were created by me in Photoshop in HD and printed out onto Testors Decal Paper and applied as a waterslide. And of course where would the wonder Twins be without their trusty pal Gleek? I had to give them Gleek. So I took a Heroclix Gleek figure, removed him from his base, and repainted him to give him more detail and that was that. He’s probably a bit too small to really be in the 3 3/4″ scale, but it was the only thing I could think of to add Gleek to the set, whom I felt was essential. And now the wonder Twins were ready to fit in with the other Infinite Heroes figures.

Custom Wonder Twins with Gleek 3 3/4" DC Universe Action FiguresCustom Wonder Twins with Gleek 3 3/4" DC Universe Action FiguresCustom Wonder Twins with Gleek 3 3/4" DC Universe Action Figures

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