Custom X-Ray 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe Action Figure – Created Dec 9, 2012

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X-Ray was a bit tough to tackle, because his design was basically two-dimensional detailing on a three dimensional body. Easy enough to draw on paper, but not so easy to replicate onto an action figure. But I gave it a go. He started out as a clear Marvel Universe Silver Surfer whose nose I removed, and then covered him in clear purple. Then I painted the center of his chest and back white and had it fade out from there, almost like a starburst, fading into the purple. I added the splotchy black dots in the center of his torso on both sides, and painted the black lines that circle it all over his body. It’s hard to see the lines normally, but the reason I chose a clear Silver Surfer is because when you hold X-Ray up to a light, it shines through and you can see all the detail on his body. It was a risky move, but I think it paid off.

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Custom U-Foes X-Ray 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action Figure

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