Dante’s Inferno “Heaven Dante” Concept – Created April 10, 2011

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Dante’s Inferno has always been one of my favorite stories and the game was fun as well, albeit with a lot of changes. Still, the overall design was great. As anyone who has read the poem can tell you there are three parts. Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. I had this idea in my head that as Dante progressed through each stage his appearance would change. For instance, when he got to Heaven he would have wings like an angel. I dug this concept so much I couldn’t resist making him. So “Heaven Dante” as I call him was made using the Neca Player Select Dante and the wings from a DCUC Hawkman. His sword came from the Marvel Legends BAF Ares from Hasbro.

First thing I did was sculpted a beard. I thought he would look cool with a beard and it show that a lot of time has passed. Next, I took off the holster for his Death Scythe since I had to make room for the wings. Then, I bore out a trench in his back to fit the wings into, and glued it in place. I sculped around it to cover up any seams and add to it’s durability. I painted over it to match his skin tone and painted his beard. I also dry-brushed the wings white and did a light dry-brushing of red on the wing tips to show that he’s done some battle. So not all of that blood belongs to him.

Then, I attached the scythe holster to his hip and widened it to fit his sword. I dry-brushed that with red as well again to show a battle-worn look. In the first game his main weapon was Death’s Scythe and this time around since I placed him in Heaven he uses the Sword of Michael the Archangel. I thought it was a cool concept and it seems to work pretty well.

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