Dark Knight Scarecrow – Created July 15, 2008

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So this is something I had an idea for after the Scarecrow figure came out. First off, I loved the figure. I thought it looked great. I just thought a figure of Scarecrow in a suit a la Batman Begins would look good as Well.

So I just put the head, hands, and feet from a movie Scarecrow onto the Joker Thug body. Then I thought about giving him a tie, but when I realized I had no tie to give him I took an alternative approach.

I have a 50’s Angel figure and he comes with a noose accessory. So I warped it to fit the contour of Scarecrow’s body and neck and voila! Just thought it would add to his creepiness.

And to add even further, I took the axe that came with the same Angel figure (which is actually pretty sharp for a piece of plastic), got out my hobby knife and scratched it, and chipped off pieces on the edge, and dry brushed some dark crimson red on it to look like dried up blood.

Again, to add to his creepiness. And because I love making custom accessories for my custom figures.

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