Dark Knight Two-Face – Created January 3, 2009

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I made this custom of Two-Face from The Dark Knight, because I got impatient with Mattel’s Movie Masters line. So I decided to do it myself.

The body is of course a Joker thug. I painted the shoes gloss black, painted the shirt white, and gave him hands from Scarecrow. The knot in the tie is apoxie sculpt and the tie itself is a cut shape from a random jacket from another figure that I had no use for. Then I painted it.

The head is from the 5-inch Two-Face movie figure. When I was looking at it, I noticed that from the waist up it was actually on a 6-inch scale (well kinda pushing it, but still…) and it was the legs that were too short. So I figured the head would work on the Joker Thug body and sure enough it does.

I dremmeled it down to fit on the Joker thug’s neck peg, I sanded the left side of the thug’s neck down a bit to make it look torn up, then I started painting. I started off with a flat black base, then drybrushed and painted layers of different shades of red and grey to get that charred flesh look with some muscle showing through effect.

On the face, I added some apoxie so the burns would bleed over more, instead of it being a perfect straight line (the way the figure was produced). Then, I used the same painting technique as I did on his neck to once again achieve the charred flesh look. Appropriate places were painted different shades of red, I painted some white over his teeth to bring them out more and I even did a light wash of a darker flesh tone on the right side of his face and painted 5 o’clock shadow on as well, because the paint job on the face was originally horrendous (thanks Mattel!).

Now for the jacket. I added random spots of apoxie on his jacked and on his left arm and used one of my sanding bits for my dremmel to get the right melted/seriously messed up look I needed for his jacket.

Then, I used a flat black layer of paint, followed by shades of red, dark grey, and dry brushed some more black on there so the paint would be noticeable without being overbearing and not effective.

the pistol comes from a cop from Pallisades old Resident Evil line. That’s about it for this custom. Hope you like it.

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