Custom Deadshot (Arkham City Styled Head) 6″ DC Universe Custom Action Figure – Created Nov 10, 2011

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I absolutely loved the Batman Arkham City video game and likewise loved so many of the character designs in the game. Among the ones I loved was the design for Deadshot. I always felt Deadshot’s comic book costume was a tad goofy, albeit cool in its own way. But in the game, I just thought Deadshot looked so awesome, especially his cowl and his eye scope. So I wanted to emulate that in action figure form.

The body for Deadshot is just a standard DC Universe Classics Deadshot figure. I liked this design enough, but I wanted him to have a coat. So I took the coat from a Hasbro Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure and painted it a close enough red to match the color of Deadshot’s suit.

The rest of the work was done on the head. The base of the head is from a DCUC Blue Beetle figure. I removed the goggles Blue Beetle had (thankfully they were a separate piece and it wasn’t too difficult) and then I took a Deadshot head and sliced off his eye scope and glued it onto Blue Beetle’s head. Then I sculpted Deadshot’s goatee and used strip styrene, shaped with the right detailing I wanted as the straps that fit the eye scope onto Deadshot’s head. Then I just painted it with Testors Model Masters. I felt the Blue Beetle head was perfect, because of the slight grin it has. This is perfect for Deadshot’s character. Plus, Blue Beetle had the perfect cowl style for Deadshot and actually had open eyes, as opposed to most comic characters with cowls whose mask extends to their eye balls and completely whites them out.

Granted I mostly just customized a head, but I feel it vastly improves upon the original DC Universe Classics Deadshot figure.

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