Duke Nukem – Created July 2, 2008

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This figure started out as something completely different…but when I decided it looked like Duke Nukem, I thought “Hey I’ll just make Duke Nukem!” So I did. We all (hopefully) remember the old Resaurus Duke Nukem figures. They were great. I had one. I say had, because I had to mutilate it to make this custom…a worthy sacrifice. I took his head, dremmeled it down (a lot), and made it fit onto Guile’s neck.

The Guile I used was a brown variant Guile figure, so I didn’t have to do much to the shirt. Just some dark red dry brushing to help bring it out. I also painted the pants a dark blue, and the boots black. I was going for muted colors with this to help it feel as gritty as the game and the character. Then I took some sinister cape straps to make the straps around his biceps, and cut off the pouches on the arms of the old Duke figure and glued them onto the new one, and painted over.

Then I took the straps and harnesses of the old Duke figure and put them on the new one. I glued them together so they’ll always hold, though they’re not glued to the body so it retains rib articulation. I painted over the nuclear symbols to make them more apparent. I even tightened the waist ball joints, because as anyone who owns a Sota figure can attest to, they make really weak waist joints.

Then I ran into a problem…Duke Nukem has many weapons. Guns, knives, etc…which would have been fine…were it not for the fact that the Guile figure has permanent fists..not open hands. Luckily though, he has alternate hands. I modified his alternate hands to hold weapons. They’re permanently affixed to the hands, but they’re all interchangeable. I gave him 2 gun hands (guns came from a Movie Punisher), a knife hand (from an old Wolverine figure), and he has his two normal fists for when he’s all outta bullets (or all outta gum!). And if worse comes to worst, there’s always Duke’s big boot.

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