Freddy Krueger 2010, Super Poseable – Created August 15, 2010

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I’m a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan, and a huge Buffy fan. Trust me, this comes into play. I saw the new Neca figure and loved the sculpt. He was pretty poseable from the waist up, even with ball-jointed shoulders. I just wish his legs were poseable. At all. They were in a static pose, which I hated. So I opted to fix it.

I have several Deluxe Buffy figures around, because like I said I’m a huge Buffy fan, and I always keep spares because the articulation makes for great custom fodder. I took the legs from a Deluxe Angel, and dremeled out a hole in the pelvis to fit onto Freddy’s upper torso. The figure was originally connected with a peg that had a ball on either end. One to go into the upper torso, and one for the lower torso. So it worked out perfectly.

Then I removed the feet that came with the Angel figure and replaced them with the boots that came with the Freddy figure. This was a little harder than it sounds, because I had to pop out the pins holding Angel’s feet in, dremel out a hole and then drill a hole into the legs for Freddy’s feet to pop into. His feet, again, used the same double ball peg. But before I did that I actually put some apoxie into the bored out hole I made in the bottom of his legs to smooth them out and sculpted over the holes that were now on either side of the bottom of Freddy’s new legs, left there by the absence of the pins that held the previous feet in(see photos). I matched the design of the pants and then painted over it in black. I actually used Krazy Glue on the side of the feet pegs going up into the legs to keep them in place, but since there was another ball on the other end, they retain all articulation. I did the same thing on the hole I made in the pelvis to make sure the legs wouldn’t come off ever, without of course extreme force breaking it. The waist retains all articulation as well. Then I noticed on Freddy’s original legs there were small tears and burns in his pants. I wanted to match that in this custom, so I took my dremel out and, well…damaged his legs in several places. Then I sculpted fraying around the holes to look like tears and such. Then I painted over all the sculpted areas with black, and then drybrushed gray all over them to give them that old and worn look. As much as I love those Deluxe Buffy figures, they just look too clean sometimes.

And there you have it. A super poseable Freddy Krueger action figure. Now that he can move his legs, it will be much easier for him to catch you in your dreams.

You’re welcome.

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