Janine Melnitz, Ghostbusters 2 Style – Created March 11, 2011

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Since my first Janine Melnitz custom was such a hit I thought I would try out something different. I wanted to reflect Janine’s appearance in Ghostbusters 2 during the babysitting scene. I liked her outfit in that and thought it would be perfect to capture. She’s made using Marvel Girl.

I removed her skirt and replaced it with clear vinyl and sculpted over her stomach muscles to smooth them out and sculpted the bowties on her torso. I sculpted her hair and made it more accurate to the movie, even sculpting bangs and making it poofier and covering up her ears. She’s completely painted head to toe. I made sure all the joints were properly prepped so paint rub isn’t a worry at all.

The hands were repainted a fleshtone, the body painted green with black, and the hair painted black with red dry-brushing and washes to give it a realistic look. I used clear blue over her eyes for eye shadow and the glasses came from a DCUC Clark Kent. I wanted to be so accurate to her appearance in the movie that I even painted her boots with gloss black and her legs with flat black so it shows off that her boots are leather and her legs are covered in stockings. It really helps set it apart visually as well. As seen in the photos, she looks great with the other Ghostbusters figures. After all, what would they be without their fearless secretary? Well, they’d probably miss a lot of business calls.

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