Green Lantern and Hal Jordan Movie Masters Figures – Created May 30, 2011

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When I got the new Movie Masters Green Lantern figure, I wanted to customize him right away. He had barely any range of motion at all, his elbows and knees didn’t move far, and he couldn’t look up! He’s a flying character, and all flying characters should be able to look up, so I decided to fix it. I also wanted him to have an unmasked head and while I was at it, I figured it would be cool to make a Hal Jordan figure in his movie accurate Earth clothes.

I dremeled off some plastic behind his knees and elbows, and dremeled out some space in his head so he could look up, and voila! A Green Lantern that could actually move. Seriously, he had so little range of movement all the articulation was really just for show. I also reshaped his left hand by heating it and closing the hand up so it could hold items. I let it cool in that position and by doing so it will stay like that forever! It’s a neat trick for any figure that has a misshapen hand, and believe me the way Mattel shaped his left hand it was literally impossible to get him to actually hold his Lantern battery. They really did everything they could to NOT make this figure work, but I fixed it!

I repainted another GL head to be unmasked and made the heads interchangeable, even between the Hal Jordan body.

Speaking of, Hal Jordan was made from the body of a Joker Thug, with the coat from an X1 Movie Logan figure. I painted everything with Testors Model Masters paints, and sculpted a Green Lantern ring on his right hand.

The last major piece to the puzzle was constructs! I collected the constructs from just about every one of the movie Green Lantern 3 3/4 inch figures and dremeled out a little space inside and that was that! Turns out they were oversized for the 3 3/4 inch figures, but are PERFECT for the 6 inch figures, and while both heads are interchangeable between both bodies, so does every one of the constructs fit on the hands of both figures.

Throw in the actual Green Lantern Battery with light piping that came with the GL figure, and you have the perfect Green Lantern movie set for any fan!

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