Custom Action Figure Guides and Tutorials by John Harmon

Custom Action Figure Gudies and Tutorials by John Harmon - Learn How to Create Your Own Custom Action Figures!

This is the collection of all my guides and step-by-step tutorials for making custom action figures. These guides will focus on general knowledge and techniques that can be applied to almost any custom. Please know in advance that these guides only offer techniques and depending on your skill level results will vary. These are meant to be stepping stones for the beginner as a way of learning and understanding the various techniques of customizing. As with any artistic guide, take what you need and make it your own. Learn the techniques here to help you develop your own style of customizing so you can create something really unique that stands out as your own work. I hope these guides help you to create your own pieces of action figure art.




Installing LED Light-Up Effects in Action Figures

How to Solder an LED Circuit

Eliminating Joint Rub and Prepping Your Figures

Conforming Styrene to Shapes and Figures

Making Custom Decals and Insignias

Cracking Open an Action Figure




Preserving Your Paints


Action Figure Repair


Fixing a Stuck Waist Joint

Repairing Broken Pegs with Screws


Character Specific Guides


Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast Chest & Gun Backpack Fix

Fixing TMNT Classics 1990 Movie Figure Shoulder Joints

Repairing Arkham City Killer Croc’s Broken Shoulder




John Harmon’s Guides and Tutorials reflect the ideas and opinions of John Harmon. The methods used above are in no way definitive or set in stone and should be altered accordingly depending on skill level which figure you’re working with. John Harmon and Mint Condition Customs is in no way responsible for damage done to self or figures by incorrect use of these methods.

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  3. hi i was wondering if anyone may know where i can find a good guide to repainting play sets. in the near future i will be looking at repainting a animated batman base/ cave for a project of my own, as i want to create a very large batcave based on the dark knight series theme and want to repaint the toy parts accordingly.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    p.s. i may have to save a little and inquire about one of those john Blake Nightwings that is just sick.

  4. Any info or guide on where to find furniture, gear or other items for dioramas and displays? It seems fewer and fewer figures come with display items other than the occasional stand but judging by the great pictures posted on this site many people are still finding cool items for their displays and pictures.

  5. Hey does anyone know how to fix a joint with tons of tension in it? My deathsroke figure’s arm will move but slowly return to the same spot. I need a way to fix it.

  6. I borrowed a batman arkham origins batman figure from a friend By accident, the wrist peg broke. Can you help me fix the joint. It belongs to my good friend…plzzzz help2

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