Movie Hannibal King version 2 – Created May 21, 2009

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This figure is exactly the same as my first attempt at hannibal king except that I gave him a new head. The head is from a Marvel Toys TNA Sonjay Dutt figure.

I got the idea to use his head for a second attempt at Hannibal King when someone at Figurerealm used that same head more a Movie Wade Wilson. After seeing how much is resembled Ryan Reynolds, I knew I had to give my Hannibal King a new head.

I took the Sonjay Dutt head and sculpted a lot of hair onto him. Not only did I sculpt on Hannibal King’s beard he sports in the movie, but I meticulously tried to match his hairstyle from the movie as well, sculpting it all onto the preexisting head. When all the sculpting was finished I painted his hair a dark brown with some lighter brown dry-brushing to bring out the detail. Then I painted his face a more caucasian flesh tone to look more like Ryan Reynolds (I had to do this since Sonjay Dutt had darker skin). After that I painted the skin on Hannibal King’s neck, forearms, and fingers to match the flesh tone of his new head and there ya go!

Personally I think that’s about as close as anyone is going to get to making a Hannibal King that actually resembles Ryan Reynolds. But who knows…maybe in the future I’ll give it a third go.

2 thoughts on “Movie Hannibal King version 2 – Created May 21, 2009

  1. Wondering if you sale these customes? If so how much would Hannibal king cost? Also would you be able to make a abraham whistler figure?

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