Custom Hellcat (Defenders) – Created Oct 13, 2011

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the classic, somewhat obscure characters which probably is what doing Hellcat so much fun. The base body is the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2 pack Elektra, the head is from the same Elektra, and the hands and hair are from a Hasbro Marvel Legends Tigra figure.

In order to prep the head, I had to take my dremel and “shave” down Elektra’s hair, making it nice and round. Some sanding help smoothed it out. I took Tigra’s hair and super imposed it onto the head and blended it in with Aves Apoxie Sculpt (the best 2 part sculpting compound around). I sculpted the edges of her cowl on her face as well and blended those in with the head. The ears are taken from a Batman Legacy Golden Age Batman figure. I chopped them off, imposed them on the Hellcat head, and blended them in with Apoxie Sculpt and modified them to look more like Hellcat’s ears. This was better than sculpting them from scratch, since I didn’t have to worry about perfect symmetry. The hardest part was already done for me.

The body was prepped for painting (a combination of washing and light sanding) to make sure the paint adhered properly. All paints used were Testors Model Masters. Her belt and sash came from Elektra as well. I simply modified it and refit it on the body.

A couple of touchups later and Hellcat was finished.

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