Masters of the Universe He-Man Classics, 200X Style – Created April 28, 2011

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He-Man was created using the body of a DCUC Hawkman figure, the head, armor, weapons, and hands from the 200X He-Man figure, and the lower legs from the LCBH Conan figure.

I had to dremel out the head to make it fit on the DC ball jointed neck, and shorten the kneecaps from the Conan figure so he could stand up straight. I also had to widen the hole a bit for the peg so it would all fit properly. I also had to remove Hawkman’s harness and wings and fill his back in with Aves Apoxie Sculpt so it would look normal again.

For the hands, I popped them out of the 200X He-Man, and cut the gauntlets off a little higher than they were on his arms. Then I dremeled them out and made them hollow so I could just slip them onto Hawkman’s arms. I had to cut off a bit from Hawkman’s arms so they would be the right length, but I slipped them on, and had them glued into place and He-Man’s hands are actually inside Hawkman’s arms. I wanted to do it this way to add stability to the gauntlets instead of just chopping them off and gluing them on the Hawkman arms, which could result in them just falling off.

It’s almost completely repainted. Obviously I had to paint the part of the back I sculpted over to match the flesh tone, his legs are repainted and I even repainted his boots to match He-Man’s boot colors. I did some small detail repaints all over him to make the colors more vibrant, such as his hair, chest harness, wrist gauntlets, belt, and the little satchel hanging on the front part of his loincloth. I added some black washes to his weapons to bring out all the fantastic sculpting detail and make them look a bit grungy, and there you have it. A super articulated He-Man done in the 200X style. This is how the line of figures should have been made back in 2002. And now that he’s super posable, he can lift his sword over his head with both hands as he proclaims “I HAVE THE POWER!”.

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