Custom Jocasta (Avengers) – Created Dec 16, 2011

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Jocasta has always been a very interesting character, especially since her name ties in with the Oedipus story. Visually I think she’s fascinating; very smooth and shiny. Shiny is always nice, right?

I used the body from a Hasbro Marvel Legends 2 Pack Elektra figure, with the head from a Hasbro ML Maria Hill figure.

To make the head I first had to sand down all of Maria Hill’s hair, smooth it out, and then began sculpting. All of Jocasta’s “hair” is fully sculpted with Aves Apoxie Sculpt (the best 2 part sculpting compound around). Due to the nature of this, I had to sculpt it in layers. That means I sculpted, let it cure fully, and then sculpted on top of that until I was able to finally have her “hair” completed.

For the body, I used strips of polystyrene to give her all the raised robotic detailing you see on her torso, and left leg. The indented robotic detailing on her upper arms and shins were done by taking my engraving dremel bit and carving them into the figure, then sanding them to make them nice and smooth.

After all the sculpting was finished, I painted her with a can of Tamiya TS-76 Mica Silver. For something like this, it’s important to use spray paint as opposed to brush paint, because the spray paint better provides a very nice, smooth, almost immaculate surface and this was key for bringing Jocasta to life. After that, I painted her eyes red and she was finished.

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