Lilandra Neramani – Created Feb 3, 2012

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Lilandra here was created for a long time customer trying to fill out some spaces in his old Toybiz X-Men collection. She started out as Deathbird, and was sanded down in preparation to be painted. I used the unreleased Hasbro Marvel Legends prototype as my inspiration. First, I reshaped her head crown, and sculpted over it with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. It took a while to get the shape just right but I think I got it down. The body was completely repainted, and the cape comes from a Marvel Legends Black Queen painted entirely and modified to properly fit the Deathbird body.

Her royal staff was completely 100% hand made by me out of sheet polystyrene. I cut the shape out and sanded and carved it down to look just like Lilandra’s staff. I painted it with flat black, then silver, and finally clear yellow for a metallic gold look. All paints used were Testors Model Masters and Tamiya.

Now Lilandra is ready to rule over the Shi’Ar Empire!

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