Louis Tully with Bus Driver Slimer, Ghostbusters 2 Style – Created April 15, 2011

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After the Vinz Clortho figure was released I saw potential in him. Specifically in his alternate head with crazy hair. Of course a lot of work would have to be done. So Louis Tully was made using 2 different Ghostbusters figures, with the head from Vinz and of course the Slimer that came packed in the GB2 4 pack.

First thing I did was replace the forearms with ones from a Peter Venkman so they would be gloved. Then I chopped off much of the boots to make him shorter, glued the peg back on and reattached the feet so it still retains all articulation and makes him the same height as the official Vinz Clortho figure.

I had to do a LOT of sculpting to his head. Probably the most intricate head sculpting I’ve ever done. I had to sand down all of his hair, even the parts that were touching his forehead. Then I completely sculpted his slicked over hairstyle as seen in the movie and resculpted his forehead, giving him back his forehead wrinkles. Then I sanded out a groove to fit the head band from the earmuffs and made that from a strip of styrene. I glued it on, and then sculpted the earmuffs on, making sure that they were as big and poofy as they were in the movie. Then I repainted his face, and painted his hair and earmuffs to match the movie.

Then I printed out a “SPENGLER” nametag and a Ghostbusters 2 patch and attached clear packing tape on the front and back for durability. Then I glued them on, and covered the top of them with clear acrylic paint sealer so they’re not going anywhere.

Not completely satisfied with Louis I wanted to give him something extra, so I took slimer and sculpted on the bus driver’s hat that he wore in the movie when he gave Louis a lift to the museum. It’s a small touch but I really wanted him to have something extra and Slimer was perfect since they had so many comedic scenes together.

I think Louis turned out better than I had hoped and looks great with the other guys. It was fun to do, especially since Mattel said they won’t ever be able to make an official figure like this due to Rick Moranis not signing over his likeness rights for Ghostbusters 2.

5 thoughts on “Louis Tully with Bus Driver Slimer, Ghostbusters 2 Style – Created April 15, 2011

  1. I really like the work you’ve done. I was wondering if you could tell me how you disassembled the ghostbuster figures to change out the forearms. I was wanting to do some work on my own figures but don’t have spares to experiment with.

    • To change out the forearms? Quite simple. Just take a hair dryer and heat up the arm for about a minute, and the plastic will become soft and you can simply pull the forearm out of the socket. This works for any action figure body part made of soft plastic.

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