John Harmon’s Guide to Making Custom Decals for Action Figures

So you’re working on a custom, and it’s of a superhero. You’re almost finished, and you just have one last thing left to include. The insignia! The insignia is the most important part of any superhero costume, but it’s really hard to paint. If you were to try and paint an insignia, it might come out sloppy. And there are so many characters that would need one, whether it be the superhero, or a military figure, or even something like the Ghostbusters with their shoulder patches.

There is a solution to the problem: computers! Yes that’s right, you can make the insignia on your computer, and apply it to the figure. This is the best solution most of the time, because not even the steadiest of hands can match what a computer can do. For this tutorial, you will need Photoshop or a similar program, and you will need to be adept at it. If not, you’ll either have to learn or get a friend to help. Sorry if that makes it harder on some, but when dealing with custom insignias and decals, knowing graphic art is a must.

You’ll also need a printer, a pair of scissors, clear packing tape (EZ Start sold at Walmart works best), Krazy glue (or just regular super glue if you prefer), and a pair of tweezers.

So, you have all your tools ready? Alright, let’s begin!

And that’s the end of the guide. Thanks for looking and I hope it helps!

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