The Matrix Reloaded: Neo – Created April 21, 2009

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In celebration of The tenth anniversary of the release of the first Matrix film, I decided to make a few Matrix customs. Next off is a custom Matrix Reloaded Neo.

Neo was made using the Body of a Movie Masters Scarecrow figure, the arms from a Joker Thug, and the head from a Neo figure from the original Matrix toy line.

I took the Scarecrow body, cracked it open, and switched out the arms with a Joker Thug. Then I apoxied over the seams (for a better “weld”), and painted the shirt black. Then I painted the Scarecrow’s jacket completely black, inside and out and slipped it over the body.

Then I painted the shoes black, and started working on the head. I had to dremmel down the neck to fit on the Scarecrow’s body, then painted a thin line of tan flesh tone between his lips to help separate them visually. The gun he’s holding came with the original Neo figure.

All paints used were Testors, and the green tint on the photos was added for a “Matrix” effect.

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