Raiden with Lightning Blast Attachments, Mortal Kombat 9 – Created August 21, 2011

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Raiden was made from the new Jazwares 6 inch Mortal Kombat Raiden action figure.

As cool as the figure was, it definitely lacked in the paint job department because there is so much white on the character. I wanted to make it pop a little more.

So I repainted him, making sure to give a dark flesh tone wash on his skin, as well as dry brushing a light blue over his tunic to help it stand out.

I also washed some blue all over the white parts of his outfit (blue always compliments white well) to again help the sculpt pop out more. Then I dry brushed white over that and there you go. Raiden has a much better paint job.

However, my favorite part of this custom are his accessories. I took two lightning blasts from some Movie Dr. Doom figures and modified them to fit Raiden’s hands so now he has some awesome lightning attachments to strike down his enemies! It looks awesome when they’re pointed at each other and it looks like the lightning is flowing from hand to hand, and just looks awesome in any pose.

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