Sub-Zero, with Ice Blast Attachment, Mortal Kombat 9 – Created August 21, 2011

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Sub-Zero is one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters, so I was saddened when I saw that he was easily the weakest of the bunch brought out by Jazwares recently. His paint job was so plain it made him look kinda cheap. So I changed it by giving him a realistic paint job, by giving him dark flesh tone washes on his skin (he really needed it trust me) and dry brushing gray over the black part of his outfit, and dry brushing silver over his armor and dry brushing light blue over his tunic.

I meticulously went over him to make his sculpt pop out as much as possible and was really proud of the results.

After that I took the soul blade that came with the NECA Soul Reaver Raziel figure and modified it to fit over Sub-Zero’s hand to act as an ice blast attachment. There is also an extra attachment that travels up his arm and looks really cool. It makes it look like his whole arm is icing up.

I also modified it to fit over the blade of his ice sword (which originally came with the figure) so not only would it be a blast attachment for his hand, but it would give him a really big, really awesome looking Ice Blade! Because if there’s anything cooler than an ice sword, it’s a really big ice sword! Now Sub-Zero is ready to take down any enemy who stands in his way!

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