Movie Concept En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) Version 2 – Created April 5, 2011

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This was a commission request. He wanted me to make another Movie Concept En Sabah Nur so I did. He’s pretty much the same as before, only the tattoo work on his face and torso is much cleaner and he’s all around made better since I’ve acquired a lot more knowledge about customizing and my skills have improved over the years. Also I use Testors paints now, much better than the paints I used back then. One of the things that makes this one different is his skirt. Before I used the cloak from a Marvel Legends Dr. Strange figure, but really that was far too thick and didn’t look that great. This time I cut out the shape from a sheet of clear thin vinyl and painted it and glued it on. It works much better. The front part of the skirt is still from the Soldier of Ra figure.

The other thing that makes this one unique is his feet. Before I just chopped off the feet from the Spawn Soldier of Ra figure and sanded down the shin into a peg to fit into Bobby Lashley’s legs. This time I sanded out the feet and took the foot peg mechanism from Bobby Lashley’s feet and incorporated them into the Soldier of Ra feet giving him a much better range of motion and posability. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like that and I’m glad it turned out well.

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