Wade Wilson (Deadpool), X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Created August 3, 2009

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This custom was something I wanted to do ever since I saw the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I thought Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Wade Wilson was the best thing about the movie. Can’t wait to see him in a Deadpool movie. Funny enough, this custom was something of a “pool” on its own…very much a mix and match of figures. The body is from the Hasbro Nick Fury in the Nick Fury/Captain America 2 pack, just without the trench coat, but I kept his gun straps. The head (and arms) are from the Marvel Toys TNA Sonjay Dutt figure. The head is just perfect for Ryan Reynolds. Very similar shape. In fact, I thought it was so good that I used in on my second Hannibal King movie figure. Played by the same actor after all. Anyway, the hands came from Ronin in the Ronin/Elektra two pack put out by Hasbro, and so did the katanas. The sheaths came from a Sin City Miho figure though.
I started off by cracking open the body of Nick Fury, so I could insert Sonjay Dutt’s arms. Then I had to use apoxie to sculpt over the seams of the upper torso since I left a pretty recognizable “scar”. Easy fix though. After this, I removed the hands from Ronin, and put them into the arms of my soon to be Wade Wilson. The only problem was the pegs on the hands were too small, so I had to use krazy glue inside the hole, insert the hands and twist them until the glue dried. This ensured there would plenty to keept he hand inside the hole, but it wasn’t glued in place. Just nice and snug. Then I put painted nick Fury’s neck a caucasian skin tone, then put Sonjay Dutt’s head in place.

Then I prepared the sheaths. This was not easy. Turns out the katanas I was using were too thick for the sheaths, so I had to carefully pry open the two halves of each sheath (luckily they were made this way), and sand down the insides of them. Then I glued them back together, and voila! The swords fit. I fixed them to the back of Nick Fury’s gun straps with electrical tape (to give the look of them being held together by black rope or something) and used krazy glue for support. I wanted to keep the gun straps, as opposed to giving him the cross straps Wade Wilson sports in the movie, as a sort of in-between of the movie Wade Wilson and the comic book version, that not only uses swords, but likes his guns as well. It makes sense to me, anyway.
After all of this was finished, I started painting. I first painted the shirt red to match the movie, then painted the hands and wrists black, and painted the arms a lighter flesh tone (Sonjay Dutt had a rather dark skin tone). Then I painted the head. I painted the face a lighter flesh tone, then painted the hair and eyebrows brown, again to match Ryan Reynolds. It didn’t fully come together until I did that, so I was quite happy.

And there you have it. A movie accurate, 6 inch Wade Wilson figure as portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

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