Movie Doc Ock with Modified Tentacles – Created January 28, 2008

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Now you may be saying to yourself “What did he do to this figure? How is it a custom? It looks like a normal Dock Ock figure to me.” And to that I say thank you. Because that means I did a good job. Now for those of you who remember the Spider-Man 2 toys, there were 2 Dock Ock figures that were the best. One was the Tentacle Attack Doc Ock, and the other was a normal Doc Ock with bendy tentacles.

The one with the bendy tentacles was great because of that, but it had a terrible body sculpt. Terrible paint job and articulation as well. And the Tentacle Attack Dock Ock had a great sculpt and paint job as well as articulation, BUT he didn’t have bendy tentacles. Instead he just had a lever on his back with an action that was his tentacles moving down as in “attack”.

So I decided to rectify this, by removing the bendy tentacles from one Dock Ock and putting them on the Tentacle Attack Doc Ock. The procedure is relatively simple, but can be frustrating at times. It goes as follows:

1. Remove bendy tentacles from Doc Ock figure (This is easy, because you have to manually connect them on the figure to begin with, so removing them is just as easy).

2. Remove coat from Tentacle Attack Doc Ock (This can be annoying, because you have to slip it off all of his tentacles. I had to break off the claws on the lower tentacles because they were too big).

3. Cut off tentacles from Tentacle Attack Doc Ock (Just use a knife. And cut it off at the last segment closest to his body. You’ll have to cut through the string as well that connects all the tentacles giving him his action).

4. Remove the string (just remove the string from his body). Also you’ll want to break the lever off too, since it’s unnecessary now.

5. Place the pegs of the tentacles from the other Doc Ock figure into the cooresponding holes on the Tentacle Attack Doc Ock body (The holes may be too small. If so, just use a dremel to make the hole bigger, but not TOO Big otherwise it hold the tentacles in place).

6. Place the coat back on the Doc Ock figure (This is a challenge, since the lower claws are really big. You have to get them through the holes one claw at a time. The coat is stretchy so don’t worry too much, but it does have its limits. You can put the coat on first, THEN place the tentacles in the holes, but it would be annoying if you had to make the holes bigger because then you would have to remove the coat again. But it’s your call).

That’s about it really. I also took the sunglasses from the other Doc Ock figure and gave them to the newly customed Doc Ock. Why? Because there are pegs on the ear pieces that fit into the head. So I drilled two small holes into the right spots on the sides of my newly customed Doc Ock so the sunglasses would fit.

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