Movie Style Professor Xavier – Created September 25, 2007

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Remember that Professor Xavier head I used for the Silver Surfer? Well I found a use for the body. As cool(and funny) as it is that the movie Xavier’s legs are all wobbly, I wanted something more. He wasn’t incredibly posable, and he had that stupid action when you made the wheelchair move. I didn’t like that. So, I decided to put a Movie Xavier head onto a Marvel Legends Xavier body. Which was harder than it sounds. Mostly(entirely actually…) because the Marvel Legends Xavier has a neck with a peg for the head. While the Movie Xavier has the neck connected to the head with a plug that fits into a hole in the body. You can see the complications. So how did I fix this problem? Dremmeling. And a lot of it. I cut the plug off, sanded down the neck, then sanded a groove into the bottom of the head to ensure a snug fit on the neck, and drilled a hole into his head, and there you have it. The head can come off, but only as easily as a figure with an interchangable head. And after that description I realize now how violent and disgusting customizing figures must sound to people who don’t know what you’re talking about…haha.

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