Punisher (Movie Style) Custom Action Figure – Created May 7, 2008

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I felt my Punisher figure needed more than was already given to him. He needed to be more movie accurate. For starters, I took some diluted black acrylic paint, and dirtied up the skull on his chest to make it look cooler, like in the movie. I also sewed down the lapel on his coat so the collar wouldn’t flail up.

Then I took a vest that came with a Resaurus (now Plan B) Special Forces accessory pack, painted a skull on it and dirtied it up as well, and put it on him. Now he has that vest from the final act of the movie.

And my favorite part…I made an alternate “Jungle Punisher” head to reflect the jungle level of the videogame. And yes, it is an alternate. I dremmeled down both heads so they could be interchanged quite easily. I had to use a micron pen to get the fine detail on the face paint, and I sanded down his bangs to give him a slicked back look (and because nobody likes face paint in their hair).

All the guns you see are from Special Forces accessory packs and the guns the Punisher figure came with. The bow he’s holding is from a Deluxe Faith figure from the Buffy line.

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