Custom Nightcrawler Mighty Mugg – Created Sep 30, 2011

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I was commissioned by someone to make this Nightcrawler Mighty Mugg, and it was to be a gift for this person’s friend who is obsessed with anything and everything Nightcrawler.

I had never done a custom Mighty Mugg before, but given my background in cartooning I thought it would be fun. After all, it’s just like drawing a cartoon only instead of doing it on paper it’s a 3-D object.

The base Mighty Mugg was a Skrull, chosen because of his ears. So I sanded it down, penciled out the design, and painted over it. I tried my best to stick to the basic Mighty Mugg art design, but I couldn’t help adding my own flairs into it. I think this one is actually more detailed than the standard Mighty Mugg and while I had my concerns about that, I was told the person it was gifted to loved it so I consider that a job well done.

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