Movie Ozymandias – Created May 20, 2009

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Up next in my series of 3.75 inch Watchmen figures is the so-called smartest man on Earth Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias himself. He was created using a DCU Crisis Dr. Fate as the base with the head from a Mutt Williams Indiana Jones figure.

As I often do, I first worked on the head. It was a little tricky doing this since the DC figures and the Marvel figures have different ways of attaching heads to necks. I had to slice off Mutt’s neck with the head attached, drill a hole in it and make it fit onto the peg that Dr. Fate’s head once rested. Then I sculpted on Ozymandias’ crown he wears and painted it gold, and painted his hair dark brown with a blonde dry-brushing. Then I painted on the domino mask he wears.

After that I dremmeled down Dr. Fate’s gigantic gloves and sculpted on the wrist gauntlets that Adrian wears in the movie, and sculpted on his “belt buckle” as well. Then I sculpted on on gauntlet details for the boots as well. After that I painted the entire body. That is to say, I painted the ENTIRE BODY, from head to toe (including entire cape) black. After it dried I dry-brushed gold onto his neck dressing, his gauntlets, belt, and painted golds straps around each bicep.

Then I painted on purple on his crotch area, his gloves, feet, and dry-brushed his entire cape with purple as well.

This isn’t the longest description for a custom ever, but the actual execution was quite tedious. Patience was a MUST and always is when you have to entirely paint a figure. Stay tuned for my final installment of my 3.75 inch Watchmen figures – Niteowl.

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