Custom Ra’s Al Ghul (Classic Look)- Created Dec 25, 2011

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Ra’s Al Ghul has always been one of the iconic Batman villains, yet he’s never been done properly in action figure form. Mattel has yet to actually make a Ra’s Al Ghul and I got tired of waiting, once Mattel did release the perfect base body in wave 19 Sandman.

The new suit body was much better and proportionate than their last one and perfect for Ra’s Al Ghul. And the fact that the suit was already green helped greatly. The cape is from a DCUC Alan Scott Green Lantern, and the head is a custom resin cast of the DC Direct Hush Ra’s Al Ghul head.

I painted him completely using Testors Model Masters. I painted his gloves and boots black, and paitned his whole suit. It was green before, but it was almost a neon green that just wouldn’t work for Ra’s, so I painted over that green with Testors Medium Green. I did the same to his cape and painted the clasps on his cape with silver, and then clear yellow to give a golden look. I also painted Ra’s shirt underneath his jacket white, and painted his tie red. This was very much influenced by his look in Batman The Animated Series.

The head, being a custom resin cast, was 100% hand painted by me. It’s always a challenge and likewise good practice to completely paint a head, especially the eyes. I wanted his flesh tone to appear at least somewhat middle eastern, and painted his hair black with the appropriate gray on the sides.

The finishing touch was giving him a weapon. I took the swords from a McFarlane Toys 6 inch Prince of Persia Dastan figure and gave them to Ra’s. That way, his swords would be middle eastern in design. And there you have it. Finally, a proper Ra’s Al Ghul in action figure form.

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