Retro Action Real Ghostbusters With Custom Proton Streams – Created Sep 14, 2011

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I wanted to make Ray chubby like he was in the cartoon, but the figure was pretty skinny since it used the same body as the other 3 Ghostbusters. So I took a cotton ball and stuffed it down his jumpsuit, making him cartoon accurate.

The real surprise in this set are the proton streams. The figures didn’t come with any, but what’s a Ghostbuster without a proton stream? I made 4 unique proton streams, using aluminum foil for the energy burst, and action figure clear plastic twist ties for the “skeleton” of the proton streams. I then used hot glue to sculpt over the “skeleton” to give it that wild energetic look. I made an energy burst at the base of the stream to match the cartoon design for the proton stream. In fact I used several stills from the cartoon to capture the look. Down to the energy burst, the simplistic design, and the color scheme (in the cartoon it was yellow with some light blue energy sparks). And because of the fact that I used bendy twist ties as the skeleton, the proton streams themselves are posable! That’s right, you can have the streams sway left or right, up or down, to have them chasing after a ghost! You could also pose all 4 ‘busters together and have their proton streams intertwining for a “crossing the streams” display!

So there you have it. Four cartoon accurate Real Ghostbusters action figures, complete with cartoon accurate detachable, posable proton streams.

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