Movie Concept Red Skull – Created August 18, 2008

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This one came as an afterthought of the En Sabah Nur custom…I was looking at the head of that Soldier of Ra figure and thought…Red Skull.

And I had a Joker thug figure and thought Red Skull in a suit would probably be the best interpretation of a movie style.

So I just dremmeled the crud out of that head to fit onto the Joker thug’s body, painted it black then dry brushed red (and painted the eyes white), painted the hands completely black (he seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t literally like to get his hands dirty), painted the shoes a gloss black, and used a Sinister cape strap and fashioned it into a tie which I then painted red.

Give him a gun and there you go. Not the most complex of customs, but effective nonetheless.

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