Guide to Repairing Broken Pegs with Screws

Welcome to another one of my custom action figure tutorials. Have you ever had an action figure take one too many swan dives from a shelf and have a limb break off? Have you tried loosening up a stuck joint, only to have the peg inside shear in half? Whatever the reason, if you’ve had a peg on an action figure break, it’s pretty disheartening, especially if it happens to a figure that is too expensive to replace. Fear not though, because there is a way to fix these broken pegs, and I’m here to show you how.

As it turns out, screws are the same shape as pegs used on action figure joints. You can find small screws at Walmart or Home Depot, but for the really small screws that have to be used on the thinner or smaller action figures, you’ll have to harvest them from a Transformers figure or something similar that has a lot of tiny screws holding it together. You’ll also need a small screwdriver (I recommend a set of Stanley precision screwdrivers), a dremel with a drill bit, and some Krazy Glue. All right, so you have your broken figure, you have your screws, and you have the rest of your tools ready.

Let’s begin!

That’s the end of the guide. Thanks for looking, and I hope this helps!

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