Snake Eyes Reactive Armor, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept – Created September 4, 2009

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This was one that seemed like a no brainer. In the movie they had all the main cast in black and grey “reactive impact armor” suits, except for the one character that wears all black! Instead he wears a rubber body suit. Didn’t seem right, so I decided to have a Snake Eyes in the same reactive armor as the rest of the cast. The head, sword, backpack, and shoulder strap/sword sheath all come from the Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes. The body is a Reactive Armor Duke.

First thing I did was remove the shoulder strap from Snake Eyes and put it on Duke. Simple. Next, I painted the arashikage symbol on Snake Eyes’ sword red to bring it out more. Then, I wanted to try something completely different. I sculpted over the molded lips on the head. I know I could have just the Paris Pursuit head, that has no sculpted lips, but I liked the shape and look of the visor on this head better. So I sculpted over the lips, smoothed them out. Then I painted it black. Then I loosened the visor just a bit to make it able to go up and down. Why? Because he has sculpted facial features under the mask, like…his eyes. So next, I painted facial features on him. Flesh tone face, brown eyebrows, white eyes, and even added pupils, just to add that extra level of detail. After that I gave him a dry brushing with dark grey to bring out more details. Now there exists an ultra badass Snake Eyes figure in reactive impact armor (as if he needs it though).

Note: The first and last two photos were taken at a much later date, that’s why they look world’s better than the others, haha. And now you know.

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