Storm Shadow, Rise of Cobra Movie Concept – Created September 5, 2009

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I called this one a Movie Concept, because this figure was never made. They made a version of Storm Shadow from the movie where he wears a mask and his outfit with the long coat/cloak thingy, and a version called “Paris Pursuit”, from when he was unmasked and ran around in a sort of biker outfit with a big collar. I, along with many many other G.I. Joe fans, wanted a Storm Shadow without the long coat thing, but with a mask on, so I tried to oblige.

This was actually harder than you might think. The masked head was not meant to go onto the Paris Pursuit body, so I had to dremmel deep into the head to get it to fit on that neck right. After that, I painted the entire figure a light light grey, and dry brushed white all over him to bring out his details more. I painted the zippers chrome silver, and painted the arashikage symbols on the bases of his katana blades. I also drilled into the holster for his gun. His gun didn’t quite fit right in it, so I drilled a hole in it, so the gun could just fit through and sit normally. I think if they made this figure as well, fans would have loved it. But Hasbro didn’t, so I had to step in. Enjoy.

Note: The first and last two photos were taken at a much later date, that’s why they look world’s better than the others, haha. And now you know.

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