White Suit Storm Shadow, Movie Style – Created August 10, 2010

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So while not everyone loved (or even liked) the G.I. Joe movie: The Rise of Cobra, just about everybody could objectively say that the figures produced for the movie were pretty spectacular. Especially for 3 3/4 inch figures. We got just about every rendition of Storm Shadow from the movie in figure form. I say “just about” because there was one version, perhaps the best (definitely snazziest) version of Storm Shadow they didn’t make from the movie. Him in his white suit. During the “Paris Pursuit” scene Storm Shadow is dressed in an all white suit, and he looks pretty badass to be honest. So naturally I had to make a version of him in that white suit. Obviously I had to wait a while, and when the new A-Team figures came out, my friend Nathan (PureToreador here on FigureRealm) pointed out that Face had the perfect suited body for a Storm Shadow custom. I agreed.

So the base is Face, but the suit is painted all white (it was gray before). I painted the hands a flesh tone, because they were painted black to simulate gloves. They weren’t glove hands, just normal hands painted black. Yeah…

Then after that, I drilled a hole in his back for his scabbards to fit into, should you choose to pose him with his swords. I also had to fill the head with Aves Apoxie and then dremel it out to make it fit narually on the peg. The peg was much smaller than the one Storm Shadow’s head was previously on.

That’s about it. Mostly painting when into this one, and it didn’t take very long, but I think the outcome is pretty effective. I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.

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