Scott Pilgrim in Plumtree T-Shirt – Created May 6, 2011

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Me and my friends are huge fans of Scott Pilgrim, both the comic series and the live action film. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to hear about Scott Pilgrim figures coming out. I had got the figure for my friend for his birthday and additionally offered to customize it for him any way he wanted, to make it more personal. He wanted Scott in his favorite t-shirt that he wore in the movie, his Plumtree logo shirt. I happily obliged.

I heated and popped off the head, arms at the shoulders, hands, and the torso from the legs. Luckily the figure was made in such a way that it was easy to do this. After that I painted the shirt and wristbands yellow, added the red lining, and printed off the Plumtree logo used on the shirt in the movie at hi-res and decoupaged it onto the figure.

Thankfully he loved it and proudly displays it on his toy shelf. So I got to do something really nice for one of my closest friends. It’s the first time I’ve offered to customize a figure for a friend as a birthday present and it was really fun. And I really think the Scott Pilgrim figures will lend themselves well to customizing. You can paint his shirt any color and it would match a shirt he wore in the movie. Print out any logo and there ya go. I hope this inspires other people to do this to their Scott Pilgrim figure.

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