Movie Silk Spectre – Created May 19, 2009

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Up next in my series of 3.75 inch Watchmen figures is the Silk Spectre. She was made using a DCU Crisis Starfire as the base, and using the head from a Pirates of the Carribean Elizabeth Swan for the head.

My first step in this was removing the hair from the head of Starfire. After that, I had to chop off a LOT of her hair (it went down past her knees) to make it about the same length as Silk Spectre’s. Then I sanded down parts of the hair to shape it the way I wanted, and used apoxie to sculpt the details in the hair that were lost after sanding. Then I took Elizabeth Swan’s head, and removed her hair and dremmeled down her head to fit into the hair I had. After Painting the hair black, and dry-brushing brown over it, I glued the head into place and sculpted and painted the bangs over her head.

After that I painted the Starfire figure accordingly. All parts of her costume that were yellow I painted with a gloss yellow, and all black was painted with gloss black. I even had to paint part of her neck and legs a human flesh tone, because Starfire’s flesh is orange-colored.

After the meticulous paint job applied to the figure, I made the head fit onto the body, and there ya go! It even comes with a base to help her stand (the base came with the original Starfire figure).

Stay Tuned for more Watchmen.

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