Masters of the Universe Skeletor Classics, 200X Style – Created May 12, 2011

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Skeletor here was certainly a challenge to make, but all came together in the end. He was made using the body of a DCUC Dr. Impossible, the forearms from a DCUC The Spectre, the head from a movie Ghostrider made to fit inside Skeletor’s hood, and the hands, feet, and all armor and weapons from the 2002 Skeletor figure. All paints used were Testors Model Masters. The body was base coated in black and dry brushed with Testors Cobalt Blue and a lighter blue over that to help bring out the sculpt and give it the gritty feel the 2002 Masters of the Universe line did so well.

I took the Movie Ghostrider head, sanded it down significantly and fit it into the hood from the Skeletor figure. I painted it yellow and now Skeletor has an articulated jaw! I took his feet and sanded them down and fit them onto the DCUC foot articulation so they move exactly the same as any DCUC foot would. I had to use the forearms from The Spectre since they were bare, unlike the Dr. Impossible forearms which had gloves sculpted on. I dremeled out Skeletor’s arm gauntlets to slip them onto the forearms and glued them in place. I did something similar with his leg armor, but it involved a LOT more dremeling to make them hollow. I sanded down the legs they were going onto, and slipped them on and glued them in place and it hides the foot pegs and gives it a seamless look.

After the figure was painted and all the armor was attached I wanted to give him a cape. I fashioned a cape from the one included with The Spectre. I made it look tattered, and the top part of the cape that hangs on his shoulders came from the one included with the Mcfarlane Toys Dracula figure. I thought it looked perfect for Skeletor and attached it, painted it all up and the only thing left was his weapons.

Of course he has his twin bladed sword that detaches into two, and his Havok Staff. I wanted to do something extra with that so I included 3 different attachments to go onto it. I took the flame from the Movie Ghostrider figure and modified it so it flips onto the head of the staff just over the horns and looks like a flame blast. next I added magnets under the surface of the skull and inside the eye sockets and sculpted over them with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and matched the design so you can’t even tell. I took the flames from a Hasbro Marvel Girl figure and magnetically attached them to the eye sockets so it appears as if flame is coming from the eyes, and took a lightning blast effect from a movie Dr. Doom figure and it attaches to the top of the head, to blast He-Man or any do-gooders that get in his way!

Now Skeletor is complete and has all the posability to take down everyone and rule Eternia!

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