Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen – Created June 13, 2009

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As many people know, Tek Jansen is the brain child of one Stephen Colbert and started out as a fake book that Stephen wrote and was trying to get published. It later became a series of animated shorts featured on his show, The Colbert Report, and was later published as a 5-part comic book miniseries by Oni Press. And now he arrives in yet another form, as an action figure. To create Tek Jansen, I used the entire body from a Hasbro Ares Wave Guardian figure, and the head from a Diamond Select Wesley figure.

The first thing I did was work on the head. I scultped hair onto him to give him more or less the same hairstyle as Tek Jansen himself. I also had to dremmel the crap out of it to get it to fit on Guardian’s neck. Then I took the glasses that came with Wesley, and dremmeled them down so they would fit naturally, and glued them in place. Then I repainted his face with a better flesh tone and washed some brown on him to give him a 5 O’Clock shadow. Then I painted the hair in flat black with a brown dry brushing over it.

Next came the sculpting on the body. I sculpted on around his wrists for the bunched up cuff of the glove look, and sculpted on the backs of his hands because Tek’s gloves have the back missing showing his skin. I scultped a collar around his neck and I used a Sinister cape strap to make the belt and sculpted on his random Sci-Fi circular belt attachments and scultpted a lot onto his boots to make them resemble the boots as depicted in the comic.

After that I began painting. I painted the body with a deep red, white, and dark blue. You can tell I tried to go for the same color scheme and everything as is depicted on Tek’s uniform. I painted the neck above the collar with the same flesh tone as I did his face and did the same to the backs of his gloves where his skin is showing. I carefully painted the big white “T” running across his torso and painted his boots with a dark metallic blue, and painted the metal attachments with gun metal and a silver dry brushing over it. After that I used the decoupage method for the “Alpha Squad 7” logo on his right arm. It’s supposed to be on his right sholder, with the joint in there and everything, I really wanted to avoid that…

After all that I gave him the gun that came with a LCBH Madman figure (it looks science-fictiony) and it is attached to his hand via magnets to ensure it won’t fall out easily. And that about wraps this up. Enjoy.


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