Christopher Reeve Superman, DC Universe Classics Style – Created Oct. 31, 2011

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A friend of mine gave me the parts to make this custom, because he didn’t need them anymore, so I couldn’t resist making my own Christopher Reeve Superman figure.

I definitely didn’t want it to be a simple head swap though, so I added some extra touches to really make this a unique figure.

I used the body from a DC Universe Classics Superman figure, with the head from a New Krypton Superman, which definitely bears an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Reeve himself. I sculpted over the muscle on his torso to make it look a little more realistic, and sculpted over the peg holes on his arms and legs to make the figure overall look smoother and cleaner. Nobody likes those peg holes anyway, right? After that I repainted the entire figure from head to toe. I made the blues brighter, and the reds more vibrant. I repainted his hands, neck, and head to give them a more uniform look, and because I hated the paint job on the face of the New Krypton head. It looked like he was wearing lipstick, and the flesh tones were just off so I wanted to fix that.

Next, I decided to give him some extras. I gave him an alternate set of hands that are open fists, so he can hold an American flag, like at the end of Superman The Movie when he returns it to the White House. They are easily interchangable with his closed fists.I also made him a kryptonite necklace like Lex Luthor put on him toward the climax of the movie. I took a length of metal craft chain, and made the kryptonite rock using a little bit of tin foil, and some hot glue. Then I just carved into it to get the jagged surface of the rock and then painted it with some clear green.

And there you have it. A Movie Masters style, Christopher Reeve Superman figure, complete with movie accurate props and alternate hands, ready to spin the Earth backward to save the lives of action figures everywhere!

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