The Spirit Comic Accurate Movie Figure – Created Jan 24, 2011

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The movie version of The Spirit is something that most comic fans hate, but I acutally enjoyed. It retained the humor of Will Eisner’s groundbreaking comic, but I’ll admit the movie wasn’t Will Eisner’s The Spirit, it was Frank Miller’s The Spirit. But I digress. Whatever anyone may feel about the movie, I think a lot of fans agree that the figure based on the character from Mezco is actually really awesome. The detail in the sculpt down to the buttons and seams in the coat are really quite spectacular.

But despite the pros of the figure I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of The Spirit’s outfit being ALL BLACK in the movie. I don’t think it would have been a far stretch for audiences to believe someone could be walking around in a blue suit. So I decided to take the pros of the movie figure and give it the look of the classic version of the Spirit.

He was painted from head to toe (literally) using Testors Model Masters paints which were made to adhere to different plastics so they’re perfect for customizing!

So basically I just painted the figure blue. So there you go!

Just kidding. It was actually a bit more than that. I had to remove the coat and head so I could paint everything separately. Everything painted blue was used with a coat of French Blue. After that I took some French Blue and mixed it with Gunship Gray and Flat White and drybrushed it over everything blue. For the hands I used a darker shade, and for the shoes I made sure the tips were glossy. I also made sure all the buttons on the coat were black and the buckles on the coat and sleeve cuffs were painted silver (it’s in the details!). Then I of course painted the shirt white.

I also made sure to use several thin coats around the joints and after testing it extensively I can conclude there won’t be any paint rub around the joints on this figure! That’s always the hardest part about painting a figure so it’s nice when everything comes together and the paint adheres to the joints well. All in all, I’m happy with the results. A realistic gritty version of the Spirit in his classic iconic colors.

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