Ultraman (Movie Concept) 6″ DC Universe Custom Action Figure – Created September 16th, 2014

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Don’t forget to check out the video I made for this movie concept Ultraman custom action figure near the bottom of the page to see some exclusive WIP (work in progress) photos!

I love doing movie concepts, and this is no exception. This is a movie concept custom action figure for Ultraman of the Crime Syndicate of America if he were to appear in the current DC Cinematic Universe. The body is a Movie Masters Man of Steel Superman, with the head of a DC Universe Classics New 52 Aquaman. I felt the hair and facial expression on the Aquaman figure were perfect for Ultraman. All I had to do was paint his hair and eyebrows, and paint the neck of the body to match the skintone. I smoothed out the detail in the shield emblem, and crafted the big “U” out of polystyrene and glued it in place. I repainted the entire body, giving it a dark wash and then dry brushing some lighter blue to really bring out the sculpt. After painting the belt details red and repainting a Man of Steel figure stand to match the new shield emblem (which can be viewed in the video below), Ultraman is ready to form the Crime Syndicate of America!

Ultraman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Custom Action FigureUltraman (Movie Concept) 6" DC Universe Custom Action Figure

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