Venom (Classic) w/ 3 Alternate Heads and Custom Web Line – Created Oct. 17, 2011

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I really liked the body of the recent Mac Gargan Venom figure, but was not a fan of the head, and especially the scorpion tail. For my money, I prefer Classic Venom every time.

So for this figure, I bought a head cast from CKCastings of the Sinister Six Venom head to use. But I also included two more heads, and each of them are fully interchangeable. The first head was of course the Sinister Six Venom head that I fully painted myself. I even painted in his gums as if he’s fully bearing his wicked teeth.

The second head is the Mac Gargan head with the eyes sculpted over and smoothed out to look like Classic Venom. I removed the tounge and made it to where you can have Venom with an open mouth, or with his long tongue sticking out. It fits firmly inside the mouth, but can easily be removed! It’s like two heads in one!

The third alternate head is from the old Spider-Man Classics Venom figure. The one where Venom’s face is stretched out and you can see Eddie Brock’s face underneath. I took that one and made it fit the new body, and sculpted over the seam on his face where you could tell the Venom face covering Eddie Brock’s was a separate piece. It was an extremely unsightly seam, and I wanted to fix it.

I also filled in all of Venom’s joint holes so he looks smoother and all around better, and filled in the hole in his back where the scorpion tail was. I sculpted it to match the sculpt of his spine. The spider symbol on his front and back was practically entirely repainted so it didn’t look as sloppy as the factory paint job (which was extremely sloppy). You can also tell I shortened the spider symbol on the front. Before, it stretched all the way to his crotch, but I shortened it to match his classic look. I also painted the black dots on the white patches on the back of Venom’s hands which was also very iconic of Classic Venom.

One of the shining moments of this custom though are his arms. I added a swivel hinge to both of his elbows for extra range of movement. Before, there was just a standard single elbow hinge with no bicep rotator or any kind of rotator in the arms. It was too static for my liking, and I like dynamic poses. So I cut the hinge disc off and used a screw for a peg and inserted it into the upper arm. I did this for both arms, and not only are they sturdy, but they can move! You can really get much more posing out of him now. You can even have him scratch his head while performing Shakespeare (see photos below to get lame joke)!

Before I could call this one done though, I needed one very important accessory. His web line! What’s Venom without some web to trap his enemies in and swing from the rooftops? The web line is over one foot long, and made using various lengths of bendy twist ties found in almost every action figure package. I twisted them together, resembling the wild webbing Venom is known for making, and used some Krazy Glue to hold them in place, and painted it white.

I packed in as much as I could with this custom, and I think it’s safe to say this is the ultimate Venom figure with all the different posing and displaying possibilities.

7 thoughts on “Venom (Classic) w/ 3 Alternate Heads and Custom Web Line – Created Oct. 17, 2011

    • None of the ones you see currently are for sale. They’ve all been sold. I use my site as a showcase for my work and what I can do, so people can contact me and commission me to make their own custom. It can either be a duplicate of something I’ve already done, or something new entirely.

      I do however sometimes post customs on eBay and auction them off there. You can see on the main page, in the sidebar at the top, a little widget for eBay that shows everything I currently have for sale.

      If there’s anything you’re interested in me making, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

  1. Just curious how you attached the heads. Did you use a ball joint set or something? I recently got the CKCastings sinister 6 Venom head, but I’m unsure how I want to attach it… or rather, what the best way to do so is.

    • The heads are attached via a double ball joint. They’re all already removable and able to be alternated, because that’s the way the MS Venom figure was before.

      But to make a head interchangeable yourself, you’d have to take your dremel and widen the socket in the head enough that it sits snugly on the ball joint, but can still be removed with relative ease.

  2. How’d you remove the tounge? I’m trying to make the second head but I don’t know how to do it.
    Hope you reply even though I’m 6 years late.

  3. How’d you remove the tounge? I’m trying to make the second head but I just can’t do it.
    Hope you reply even though I m six years late lol

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