Whiplash 3 3/4 Inch, Iron Man 2 Movie Style – Created Oct 13, 2010

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Whiplash here was a fun project to say the least. I went through 2 different base figures before deciding on the one finally used for the custom.

The body is a Sea Assault Drone from the Target exclusive 3 pack featuring the drone, Mark 5 Iron Man, and Whiplash with electrified whips. The head and whips come from the Whiplash in the pack, the spools on the elbows actually came from an old WWE accessory. It was a hospital gurney that I took two of the wheels from. I just saw it in my fodder bin and instantly knew what I was going to use those wheels for. The whips wrapped around the spools are from a different Iron Man 2 drone, the Weapons Assault Drone.

So what I did was chop off some of Whiplash’s hair so it could sit on the ball peg of the Drone body, but I also had to use some Aves Apoxie Sculpt to make the hole inside Whiplash’s head smaller so it would actually have a snug fit on the ball peg. Then I drilled some holes into the hands of the drone so he could hold his whips, drilled some holes into the back of his arms so I could insert the spools.

After I painted up the spools to my liking with Testors flat black, gunship gray, and drybrushed with some silver, I glued the spools in place on the elbows, and cut up those Weapons Assault whips and glued them around the spools and into the bottom of Whiplash’s hands. So no, the spools don’t spin, but it looks awesome. I actually had it in my head that his whips wouldn’t become electrified until they passed through Whiplash’s hands. The part of his whips on the spools are latent, waiting to be electrified, while the part of the whips already extended from his hand are ready to tear and whip away at anything! It sounded cool in my head anyway. The whips can be removed from his hands as well if one ever wanted to just have him standing there. You can’t remove the whips from the spools (like I said they’re glued on) or the underside of his hands, but the electrified whips do come out.

So after that I painted over all the drone decals, and gave a silver drybrush on the whole figure. And that’s pretty much how Whiplash came to be. It was one of those customs that just ended up exactly as I imagined it, which is pretty rare so I’m really happy with it. He’ll go great next to any of your current Iron Man figures on the same scale, pose him tearing up Iron Man and War Machine!

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