Custom Yoshicrawler – Created Nov 5, 2011

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Admittedly this is an odd one, but perhaps that’s why I took it on. This was a commission from someone who wanted to give this as a gift to his friends as their anniversary present. The husband is obsessed with Nightcrawler, and his wife is obsessed with Nintendo. My client had the idea to combine the two into one and I thought it was so clever I couldn’t resist doing it.

The base figure is one of those 9 inch Yoshi figures you can find at Toys R’ Us. The ears and the tail tip are sculpted and shaped out of sheet polystyrene and glued onto the figure and then blended in with Aves Apoxie Sculpt (the best 2 part sculpting compound around).

The figure was then painted with Testors Model Masters in the appropriate colors to make it look like Nightcrawler. After all was said and done, “Yoshicrawler” was born! I’m told the couple loved their anniversary present, which is always a pleasure to hear.

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